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Pagosa Springs
Note: Parts of the following are
reproduced with permission by
City of Pagosa Springs &
Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce.


   Pagosa Springs is located close to the midpoint of the southern border of Colorado.(Mapquest) It is approximately 30 minutes west of the Continental Divide and Wolf Creek Ski Area (Wolf Creek Ski Area traditionally has the greatest amount of snow for skiing in Colorado) and approximately 60 miles east of Durango.

   Today, when one thinks of this area of Colorado, visions of a proud Southern Ute Indian Tribe led by the highly educated Chief Ouray trying to bring peace to the Ute people may come to one's mind. Some folks may have visions of outlaws such as the Hole in the Wall gang led by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Still others may have visions going back to Spanish explorers that came up through Mexico, Texas, and New Mexico. Wherever your thoughts may go, the area around Pagosa Springs still possesses beauty and mystery provided by the Southern Ute Indian lands and San Juan National Forest which surround it.

   The Town of Pagosa Springs is a scenic community known for "healing waters" from its natural hot springs ("Pagosah" is a Southern Ute word for "healing waters"). Many water activities are made possible by the San Juan River that flows through the heart of town. There are many recreational opportunities such as hiking, fishing, all forms of skiing, hunting, 4x4ing, snowmobiling, and numerous scenic drives.  With an average of 300 days of sunshine and four definitive seasons, Pagosa Springs is an extraordinary place to live or visit.

   Pagosa Springs is located at the elevation of 7105 feet above sea level. The town only has a population of 1,591 with the median age being 37. Archuleta County had a population of 9,898 in 2000, and is projected only to grow to appox. 20,000 by 2020. The median home price in 1999 was just under $100,000. Annual rainfall is a little under 11", and the summer high temperature is usually around 86 degrees. Winter's low temperature is usually around 13 degrees.

   There are year round events happening in and around Pagosa Springs. Here are a few of the many things to see and do:

   Winterfest - The second weekend in February brings out the best activities of winter for visitors and locals alike. Participate in or spectate at cross-country skiing and downhill races, events with sleds and snowmobiles, ice sculpting and hockey, and indoor and outdoor games for the whole family.
   Waterfalls - Pagosa Country has some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the state. There are at least 25 waterfalls throughout the area. You may choose some of the more accessible ones or venture into the scenic mountains to view their dazzling display. Don't forget to take your camera.
   Chimney Rock Archaeological Area - Ancestral Puebloan ruins are located midway between Pagosa Springs and Navajo Lake. From mid May to the end of September, you can take a trip back in time as you enjoy a guided tour and learn about the historical culture of these Native Americans.

   Here is a link to more information of the year round activities in Pagosa Springs. Here is a link to Planet Pagosa, a community web site featuring maps of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, community information, youth information, art and music information and recreation information. Archuleta County Fair is happening in late summer. Here is a link to more Colorado Festivals.

   Pagosa Springs has bed and breakfasts, resorts, dude ranches, motels and cabins, RV parks and camping, vacation homes, crafts, shopping, fishing and hunting, snowmobiling, builders, therapies, clothes, wineries, schools, website designers, photographers, galleries and artists, venues, golf, real estate, and restaurants.

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