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   Nestled high in the mountains on the western edge of Boulder County is a small mountain town with a long mining history. Nederland, Colorado is the only town in Boulder County who has been through three different mining booms (and busts) – for silver, gold and tungsten.

   Originally called Brownsville after its founder, a fellow named Brown who was a miner in search of gold. Brown settled here on a 40-acre claim along Boulder Creek with his wife and kids, and from this original settlement grew a town. Nederland was also called Layton and Middle Boulder before settling on her modern name in 1873.The name is credited to the Dutch mining investors who purchased the Caribou Mill in 1873 and rename named the town Nederland, meaning “lowlands” (since it was low compared to the Caribou site).

   Nederland was promoted as a tourist destination as far back as the 1920’s, even though Eldora Ski Resort wasn’t build until 1962. Barker Dam was completed in 1910, creating Barker Reservoir on the eastern edge of town. Barker Reservoir, while currently closed to boating and swimming, is a popular spot for fishing in the summer time and has a hiking trail that follows the edge of the lake all the way to the dam.

   Nederland has an active arts and music scene, with live music available at a number of venues in town including the Pioneer Inn, Whistler’s Cafe and my own personal favorite, the First Street Pub and Grill. First Street is the town’s newest restaurant, having opened in the spring of 2004, and offers a fairly extensive menu, a non-smoking atmosphere during dining hours, outdoor seating on their private deck and happy hour specials. Other restaurants in town include the Black Forest, Katmandu, Sundance, Pink Flamingo, Annie’s, and Whistlers Café. For more information on local restaurants, including menu summaries and a calendar of local entertainment and events, see

   A scenic 20-minute drive up Canyon Blvd. from Boulder, the town of Nederland is a rustic retreat from the hustle of the city. Downtown Nederland consists primarily of First Street and the shops and restaurants next to Town Hall, which are located around the old “Park n Ride” lot, which is also home of the Visitor’s Center. The Visitor’s Center is staffed by volunteers, mostly seniors, and has maps and information about the area.

   Nederland’s proximity to Boulder makes it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and interests. Whether you’re interested in hiking, fishing, camping, mountain biking, cross-country or downhill skiing, telemarking, snowboarding or nature photography, this area has something to offer.

   Nederland has alternative medicine, technology, bars and venues, antiques, clubs and associations, art galleries, real estate agents, photography, emporium, weddings, conservation, chamber of commerce, museums and history, k-12, libraries, newspapers, and web site designers.

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