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Kathleen Fagre

Kelli Said
Kenny Giordano

Because Kenny's home is in Colorado Springs, Colorado where there are several military bases, he is particularly sensitive to the plights and sacrifices of those who wear our country's uniforms; to those who serve in every way.

Many months of effort, many days of examination and soul-searching have given birth to his CD project, Future Full and Free.  As the highlight of his live performances, concert goers have a hands on chance to interact with the artist while supporting Kenny's message and independent music.  The CD is a tribute to those who serve, and the trials of their families left behind; to the ups and downs of everyday life; to marriage and family; to the desires of the soul to build a Future Full and Free.  Kenny's prayer is that this music will speak to you about the lives and sacrifices of all who serve, and the passions and longings within every soul. I hope you get to know something about me, too.  Kenny's live performances at fairs, festivals and concert halls around the country are a Cat Stevens meets Bruce Springsteen experience.  

Kerri Griffith with Brush Fire

Kevin Karrick

Kinetix is Denver's five-piece rock connoisseurs, playing music that blends strong melodies with soaring guitar work and funk-filled rhythm. The buzz surrounding the band is now being heard thanks to whirlwind national tours and the release of their strong sophomore album, "Talking To Faces". Committed to performing onstage with an unmatched energy, Kinetix in concert is an experience few soon forget; frenetic dancing, sing-out-loud choruses, and mind numbing solos all come standard.

All five members met at the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. Possessing degrees that range from Jazz Studies to Recording Engineering, Kinetix is widely regarded as a band committed to their sound. Eric Blumenfeld and Adam Lufkin are both melody-driven song writers and vocalists; as co-lead singers they work seamlessly to combine their unique musical styles onstage. Their structures serve as the springboard for the power rock of Josh Fairman, Jordan Linit, and Jack Gargan. Together, their music winds itself through tight instrumental jams, hip-hop-esque beats, and aggressive, catchy songs.

Kinetix's energy cannot be overstated: Hear it on "Talking To Faces", and you will be impressed. Experience it live, and you will never want to leave the dance floor.  Since its formation in late 2004, Kinetix has had the opportunity to share the stage with Chali Tuna(Jurassic 5), Umphreys McGee, The Greyboy All-Stars, Particle, Rose Hill Drive, The Slip, Umelt, Papa Mali, Green Lemon, RAQ, Outformation, and Aesop Rock of Living Legends.


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